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Slow Wireless Network? No Wireless At All? We Specialize in Business & Residential Wireless Networks


Wireless Installations

Secure your existing wireless network

Install a Wireless Network

Commercial Hot Spot Network Setup

Segregate Business from Guest Networks

Add Printers and Devices to Your Wireless Network

Restaurants, Churches, Law Firms, Doctor’s Offices, and Convention Centers use our equipment

Security is of upmost importance when you are setting up a wireless network. If you currently have a wireless network but are unsure of your wireless security, we can help you make sure you are setup with the highest encryption.

If your business or home needs a wireless network we can help with that too. Whether you are looking to have wireless coverage in your living room, your patient waiting room, or you are in need of a wirelesss blanket to covery your hotel, Computer Peripherals can help with a solution for you.

Contact us for a quick and free network evaluation of your home or business. We will come out and advise you on your wireless needs and concerns and get you a free quote.