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Windows 10 Upgrade Advice

Windows 10

Are you seeing the pop-up on your computer telling you to download and install your “free” vesion of Windows 10. There are some things to consider before plunging into this new release.

Is your system compatible? The Windows automatic message will scan your system to let you know if there are issues, but in general, most software programs that ran under Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 will probably work. If you have mission critical software, you better check with their support website to make sure.

Ditto for printer, video and audio drivers. Nothing more frustrating than having to search the internet for an drivers. Most searches waste time and aren’t very successfu.

Do you listen to Media Guide for free music. Forget about it in Windows 10. Gone with the wind.

The user interface is “tile” (graphic boxes that link to folders and applications) and you can customize your start up screen with your tiles, or you can select the “down” arrow and go back to the Windows 7 style desktop.

In any event, if you have questions, or want your computer upgraded by professionals, stop by and see us today!