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Virus and Spyware Removal
Clean out viruses, malware, rootkit infections from
your computer, laptop or business network safely
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Tell-tale signs of a computer infection

Slow performance, frequent screen freeze or computer crashes

Type in a web address, but get redirected to shopping or porn sites

Computer start up unusually slow

Links in web pages underlined and take you to shopping sites

Credit or debit card theft

Unable to access internet

Pop up screen tells you to pay to have your computer unlocked

Unusually large number of emails sent from your account. Contacts getting spam messages from you

Short cuts on your desktop won’t open

When your PC or Mac gets infected, you usually know it. Your once speedy computer has slown down to a crawl, and now your web browsing is being assaulted with popups and fake Anti-Virus’s. No worries! We can help. We have found that on average over the past 15 Years of business that at least 75% of all computers in for service have malware and or infections on their computers. Some people have gotten so used to their poorly performing machine, they do not even realize it’s infected anymore.

Spyware Removal

Remove pop-ups and spyware

Remove Security Risks

Remove Browser Hijackers

Priority Repair

Get your computer or laptop back ASAP

Same or Next Day Repairs

Standard with a Service Agreement

Virus Removal

Guaranteed Removal*

Repair Broken/Infected Files

Update & Protect

Remote Removal**

Remove Viruses Remotely

Windows and Mac

If you suspect you have a virus DON”T WAIT! Bring your laptop or computer to our 208 E. Arlington Blvd. location anytime from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mondays through Fridays. Don’t forget, if you are on a home or work network, you may have infected other computers! Our expert technicians can advise you on the best methods to clean your computers and keep them safe!

Virus, malware or rootkit infection may require a rebuild of your computer depending on the level and type of infection. CPU will advise you of this situation before proceeding.

Remote Virus and Spyware removal are only available if the customer has an active internet connection and the infect PC or Mac is able to get online. The removal process sometimes cannot be completed 100% depending on the level of infection your computer has.