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Computer Peripherals Unlimited understands that the technology needs of companies will vary, depending on their size, location and computer infrastructure. Which of these scenarios best describes your company?

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Small business office

Your company may be a small office with less than 10 employees whose desktop computers are linked to each other through a Windows WorkGroup network, sharing internet access, files, softwarer and printers. Your knowledge of how all this works is somewhat limited, but you know you can’t afford to lose time fighting through computer issues. You want a local company you can trust and call when you need them, and not have to wait a week for someone to show up.


Commercial office – 1 location

Are you a commercial office with 10 or more employees logging into a Windows network from their desktop or remotely on their laptop or tablet as they travel? Are you running several critical business applications, like accounting, construction or medical billing software? Perhaps you can’t afford, or don’t want to hire a full time IT support person. But when the server goes down, it’s a nightmare and you just can’t afford the lost time.


Professional office – Accounting, Legal or Medical Services

Your office and computer access may need high levels of security. Perhaps you are dealing with confidential customer or employee information, medical history and diagnostics or credit applications. You worry about today’s high-risk network environment and need a certified, veteran technology professional to keep your network hacker-proof as well as providing verifiable offsite backups in a secure data center.

Large company – multiple locations.

If your company has both a headquarters and branch offices spread out in the same city, or perhaps across multiple states, you need an IT team that can connect everyone and share the same data in real-time, no matter where the employee who is accessing the network is located.

If any of these scenarios fit your description, then you need to contact Computer Peripherals Unlimited today at 252-752-3458. Our customized approach to monthly service contracts brings you the highest level of committed support at affordable monthly rates.

Computer Peripherals Unlimited Service Contracts allow you the peace of mind to know you have a highly-trained IT professional familiar with your company’s structure. That includes your desktop computers, laptops, mobile devices, printers, software applications, data backups, email, office network cabling, wireless networks, network security, anti-virus and anti-malware protection. Computer Peripherals Service Contracts protect companies in Greenville, New Bern, Raleigh, Jacksonville, Elizabeth City and other Eastern North Carolina business communitiies.