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Computer Peripherals Unlimited is a trusted technology parter for medical and health care offices. CPU’s skilled IT professionals can help keep your network running, and patient data safe

Computer Peripherals Unlimited of Greenville has decades of experience working with medical professionals throughout Eastern North Carolina. We understand the challenging and fast-changing world of health care and the pressure you face everyday.

 Computer Peripherals Unlimited

CPU can provide your medical office, whether you are a diagnostic lab, physician’s office, medical billing company or hospital, with:

A proactive Windows network support plan that guarantees rapid response, proactive server and network maintenance and software upgrades

Reliable onsite and offsite data backups and recovery

Secure internet connections filtering out dangerous viruses, malware and rootkit attacks

Laptop, desktop and printer support

Secured, reliable and recoverable email accounts via Microsoft Exchange

Protected client data via hosted virtual or dedicated servers in a secure data center

Prompt callbacks and ontime arrival of technicians when you experience trouble.

Computer Peripherals helps medical offices throughout Greenville, New Bern, Kinston, Rocky Mount, Tarboro, Jacksonville and Elizabeth City. Call us today for a review of your technology needs.