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Need a secure, private email server for your law office. Reliable backups? Remote access from court rooms?Computer Peripherals Unlimited of Greenville, NC is your technology partner!

Lawyers and legal staff don’t have time to worry about server crashes, viruses, backups, printers and the whole host of things that can go wrong just when you need them to work.

Computer Peripherals Unlimited

CPU can provide your law firm, whether you are a private attorney or large office with:

A proactive Windows network support plan that guarantees rapid response, proactive server and network maintenance and software upgrades

Secure wireless networking

Encrypted laptop security

Reliable onsite and offsite data backups and recovery

Secure internet connections filtering out dangerous viruses, malware and rootkit attacks

Laptop, desktop and printer support

Secured, reliable and recoverable email accounts via Microsoft Exchange that includes litigation hold so that vital emails related to court cases are not lost

Protected client data via hosted virtual or dedicated servers in a secure data center

Prompt callbacks and ontime arrival of technicians when you experience trouble.

Law firms, court houses, law enforcement agencies and individual lawyers in Greenville, Kinston, Rocky Mount, Tarboro, New Bern and Jacksonsville rely on the professional IT support from Computer Peripherasl Unlimited. Call us today at 252-752-3458 or email us for more informaiton.