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Computer Peripherals Unlimited has a firm commitment our level of service, and response times. We are running at full capacity and are here to ensure that COVID-19 disrupts your business as little as possible. Based on current guidelines, we are now operating at full capacity.

In-store drop off is now available and our technicians are in full service mode for on-site visits with our clients.

VoIP Office Phone Solutions

Improve communications, safe money, get great installation and support from Computer Peripherals Unlimited!

Personal Computer and Laptop Repair

VPN-Remote Access

Does your company have remote locations that need to access the data back in the main office? Would you like to work on your office computer while you travel using a secured connection? Computer Peripherals Unlimited Virtual Private Network (VPN) expertise along with our remote access experience will get you connected.

image shows offsite backup and data storage icon connecting desktop, laptop and mobile devices

Backup your valuable company data in our secure data center

Don’t let a network or computer failure destroy your critical information, crippling your company in the process.

Computer Peripherals Unlimited’s remote offsite data storage and backup plans can accommodate even the smallest office or largest corporate office with multiple locations.