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Here’s why your business needs to switch from your risky public email to our Hosted Microsoft Exchange
Prices start at $4.00 per mailbox per month for your secure business email hosted on our Microsoft Exchange Server
Unlimited Storage | No loss of email if computer crashes or phone is lost | Litigation Hold available
More professional than a Gmail or Yahoo account for your business!

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Nothing looks more unprofessional than for a business to have an AOL, Gmail or Yahoo account. Plus, sudden data or service loss and even piracy by offshore hackers is not that unusual. Why take a chance with your sensitive business information? Why look like a small-time business with an unprofessional address? Computer Peripherals Unlimited’s Hosted Microsoft Exchange Solutions are an affordable, easy-to-implement solution for businesses with 1 or 100 employees and mailboxes!

If you are tired of your out dated basic email, try our hosted Exchange email service and get what you have been missing! Would you enjoy Shared Calanders, Shared Contacts, Shared Public Folders, and native Smartphone support for everything we just listed? Look no further. We are proud to be offering hosted Exchange 2010 Server resources to your business. Some benefits and uses of hosted Exchange follow:

People that require the features of Microsoft Exchange might also know the high costs associated with implementing the Exchange server solution. That is where our option will save you lots of time and money.

Low Setup Costs

Microsoft Exchange server can cost you several thousands of dollars during the purchase, setup and configuraton stages of implementing your own Exchange server. With our solution, there is little upfront cost to you except for the initial setup fee (which varies based upon your organization size). There is no hardware cost associated with our hosted solution.

No Maintenance Cost

Email servers require more maintenance than your standard server. They require constant maintenance to maintain proper email flow and make sure the server doesn’t get compromised or blacklisted. We maintain all of the maintenance and updates required for our email solutions.

Office Collaboration

Shared Calendars

Shared Contact Lists

Share & Assign Tasks

Iphone and Android Integration

Real Time Synching

Stretch your info between multiple devices in real time

Synch Contacts, Email, Tasks, Calendars, and Public Folders

Email Security

Litigation Hold Available

Customized Retention Policies

Email Backed Up Nightly

Remote Phone Wipe

Additional Features

Virus & Spam Protection

Full Featured Web Email Client

Share & Assign Tasks

Free Outlook copy for Mac & PC included if needed