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From Greenville to Eastern North Carolina, business faces the same technology challenges. Computer Peripherals Unlimited is a trusted technology partner helping you focus on running your business

Let’s look at some of the common technology problems local businesses face. These universal issues affect law firms, dentist and doctor’s offices, accounting firms, manufacturing companies, real estate companies and every small business that integrates technology into its daily workflow.

Computer Peripherals Unlimited

Frustrated users. Employees upset with slow computer network performance, poor email delivery, software that crashes frequently, virus infections, printers that don’t repond, the list goes on and on. A frustrated, non-productive employee can cost your company time and money.

Virus, malware attacks. Vital employee and customer data is stolen, computer operating systems damaged and the entire office disrupted because of network or desktop computer infections. Common causes include inappropriate web sites, social media and email attachments.

Waiting until something breaks. Trying to squeeze every last minute out of desktop computers, laptops or network servers. Then, when it crashes, going into panic mode and looking for someone to blame.

Computer Peripherals Unlimited

No firewall protection. Allowing employees to “play on the internet” with no network firewall in place, questionable company policies that allow employees to use computers as their personal playground all add up to an eventual disaster.

Failure to plan, plan to fail. Small business often forget to look ahead and understand the rapid changes that occur in technology everyday. The customer-business replationship is highly dependent on remote access or web-based data entry forms. Many businesses get left behind.

Demanding “right now” service with a “pay later” attitude. Establishing a professional relationship with an IT partner and investing in a business support plan eliminates many of these common problems and avoids the anxiety and concerns when computer issues arise.

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