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Nothing says “I am a small business guy who is clueless” like a Gmail or Yahoo account on your business card. Worse yet, a Suddenlink or Embarqmail address.

It’s not just unprofessional, it’s downright risky.

Google scans emails for marketing purposes. Yahoo’s servers have been hacked repeatedly, surrendering millions of logins and passwords to the bad guys. Local ISP servers have histories of downtime and slow deliveries, particularly to emails on phones or tablets.

Setting up a business email account with backup, privacy protection and a professional name is fairly easy and not expensive at all.

First, services like GoDaddy can register your domain (web name) for a few bucks. Now you have an official business name like www.cleanstuff.com

After you register, GoDaddy or other hosting companies will prompt you to set up your email account. So, now you have billsmith@cleanstuff.com.

Looks a lot better than billX78615@embarqmail.com, doesn’t it? Or worse yet, “prettyposies123@yahoo.com.”

But let’s say you own a professional services company where your email is critical. You want it backed up, safe and available on every device you use, and even access it on the web.

That’s where Computer Peripherals Unlimited’s Microsoft Hosted Exchange services come in handy.

Hosted Exchange means your email comes into CPU’s data center first, and is handled by the Hosted Exchange Software, then sent to your desktop computer, iPhone, Android or whatever else you are using.

It can help filter out spam and works well with any anti-virus program you are using.

A Hosted Exchange account also means quick disaster recovery. Hard drive crash? No worries. You can recover all your mail from the Hosted Exchange server once you re-install your email client, like Outlook.

Talk with the techs at Computer Peripherals Unlimited, or visit their Hosted Exchange page on the website to learn more.