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The short answer is anti-virus software can be disabled by sophisticated hackers, so in a sense, yes it can be infected.

Viruses have been known to display damaging behavior to anti-virus software. For example, a virus can disable the virus programming when the virus is detected, or mutate into another version and location on the hard drive, like a moving target.

Generally, it is not a good idea to download “free” anti-virus programs you’ve never heard of. Some of these are actually backdoor programs for hackers. allowing them to install any number of damaging programs to either your operating system, hardware or even your personal identity.

Ask the pros at Computer Peripherals Unlimited about which anti-virus protection is best for your home or office. Although Windows 10 comes with a free version, often this is not enough to stop all forms of viruses and malware from taking up residence in your computer or network.